May 03, 2017 04:44

My Office/Playroom

More and more of my clients worked from home and ask me for an office/playroom.
As they have to keep an eye on their kids while mommy is working, the idea of an Office/Playroom is great!
But how to create this space with style and without tripping on toys?

The only rule I would say is to define your workspace from the playroom.
It is easily done with area rugs and furniture. Each space needs storage or built-ins to put everything in order.
Follow your creativity with soft colorful cushions, floor cushions, overlapping rugs...

Keep the same style in the whole room and try small design furniture for your kids!




February 02, 2017 03:17

Lovely concrete

I love concrete in interior design!

This material is beautiful in so many rooms. It could be seen as a cold texture but it gives in fact a natural warmth in your home. One condition, you have to make him alive with other textures and colors. You can actually customize his color: white, cream, light gray, black… everything is possible.
Used in bathroom or as countertops in your kitchen, waxed concrete could go everywhere and most beautifully on floors!

However, be careful about who you hire to do it and don’t give this task to the first bricklayer you found. It is technical to apply correctly and to make it a success.

Waxed concrete floor


A homogeneous and customizable floor with a wide choice of color, effects and decorative encrustations. The finishes are available in matt, satin or glossy versions.


With time and thermal variations, cracks appear… Spots can appear too, concrete floor is not impermeable to stains. Although very strong, the resistance of waxed concrete to impacts and scratches is still less than that of traditional tiles.


On a daily basis, a waxed concrete floor is treated like terracotta or stone with a non-aggressive detergent, then rinse with clear water. Above all, no bleach. If the concrete floor begins to tarnish, do not hesitate to apply a new layer of protective varnish.

Concrete countertop

Sober and design, waxed concrete applied to countertops is ideal for an open kitchen, especially if it is coordinated to the floor. The diversity of colors makes it possible to create a beautiful harmony with the kitchen furniture. It is also highly waterproof and humidity proof.


Stains due to greasy or acid projections could stay in the waxed cement. It needs several layers of varnish to be impermeable. Scratches and microcracks caused by repeated shocks could appear too. Never cut on the work surface or place burning dishes.

Regular cleaning with a non-aggressive product. Add a new varnish (or more if needed) layer every year.
My advice If you are simply looking to redo your kitchen at a lower cost, the smoothed concrete does not require heavy work. Be sure to apply several coats of varnish to to reduce porosity.

Bathroom & concrete

An Italian shower in waxed concrete is just beautiful! Simple lines, you will feel in your own spa!
However, ask specialists to make your shower with this material and be sure that his thickness is at least 2mm. It differs from countertops which should be at 0,7mm thickness for example.


The beauty of this material will make you feel in a real spa. Waxed concrete bathroom remind me of Moroccan baths, simple lines and beautiful different colors. You can choose the color of your waxed concrete by adding powder pigment. Make some color contrast with cooper or brass shower head and pipes.


Careful, waxed concrete isn’t impermeable to stains. You will have to use also non- aggressive detergent, NO BLEACH to clean your bathroom. I will recommend you organic detergent.

Excuse my French

Em Design
Emilie Verbinnen



November 03, 2016 05:04

My style, my windows!

Window, window, who’s the fairest of them all?

Our houses craves light! Once your living space is bathed in light, you’ve done a big chunk of the work. That’s why it’s so important to choose the windows matching your lifestyle.
I won’t lie to you, I’m not a big fan of the double-hung windows most recent or renovated houses have. And what a pain to clean them!

Let’s think outside the box with these large bay windows with small panes that bring the charm to your living room, kitchen, office or even bathroom.

Yes “Verrieres” (Glass windows) have personality!

I love industrial style of windows … Probably because it reminds me of Paris and its wall glasses on the roofs … I hope you’ll love it!

French doors and french windows are very good exemple of practical windows: opening from the middle, you could easily clean them both sides and what a charm!

There are so many ways to do other than these classic windows that everyone has, I propose you to open your eyes and mind through this windows‘selection. Enjoy!

Soon a post on verrieres in the interior of your living space … It’s better than a wall!

Excuse my french…

Emilie Verbinnen

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